“The right 3PL can keep a business running smoothly and profitably, but the wrong one can drive it into the ground.”

For companies looking to pivot to direct-to-consumer sales, the prospect of logistics management can be overwhelming. Businesses that are trying to build up their customer base may not have the time, resources, or desire to attend to storage or transportation requirements.

There’s just one problem – how does a company find the right 3PL to work with? Not all 3PLs offer the same services or have the same competitive advantage. Working with the wrong one can have deleterious consequences for a business.

This paper will discuss:

  • The difficulties of 3PL selection

  • The pitfalls of working with a poor one

  • The benefits of utilizing a 3PL consultant

  • It will also provide insights on consultant selection criteria

Finding the right third party logistics provider can be arduous at best, but there is a solution.

There’s a lot to consider in 3PL selection, and the stakes are high. The bottom line, the health and well-being of customers, and even the reputation of a direct-to-consumer company all rest on 3PL performance. Put your brand on the road to success. Download the white paper today!